HadinEEon Automatic Contactless Soap Dispenser 11oz/330ml
HadinEEon Automatic Contactless Soap Dispenser 11oz/330ml

HadinEEon Automatic Contactless Soap Dispenser 11oz/330ml

  • 【Touch-Free Soap Dispenser】 Unlike traditional soap dispensers, with our touch-free infrared sensing technology, the hands free soap dispenser can definitely avoid cross-contact and saves you a lot of time and energy; A much more convenient product to keep hands clean and germs-free. 
  • 【Precise and Swift Dispensing】With the latest built-in infrared motion detection technology, this automatic soap dispenser is able to detect your hand in less than 0.2 seconds practically eliminating the need to wait for your touch-less soap dispenser.
  • 【Wide-ranging Compatibility】This automatic liquid soap dispenser is engineered so it can be refilled with any shampoo, dish washing detergent or other liquid hand soap.

Product Description

Built-in Warming Rack

Start living a healthier life by cleaning your hands


1. Simply insert the batteries in the battery compartment located on the bottom of the dispenser then turn on the dispenser by switching on the machine.

2. Carefully fill the automatic dispenser with brand new soap of your choice. Make sure the amount of soap does not exceed the max line indicated on the dispenser. Regular hand soap is recommended to be diluted with water at a 1:3 ratio.

3. Once the battery and soap is in place, place your hands under the infrared sensor for the soap to be dispensed.


  • Sensing Speed: 0.2s
  • Sensor distance: 0-2 inch
  • Battery type: 4* AAA batteries(Not Included)
  • Capacity: 330 ml/11oz
  • Material: Eco- Friendly ABS material

Friendly Reminders:

1. Refrain from washing you dispenser with water, if the automatic dispenser ever gets dirty, simply use damp towel to clean.

2. To increase the durability of your soap dispenser it is recommended that you do mix old and new batteries together since this could reduce the life of the batteries.
3. To avoid leaks and spills the touch free dispenser should never be tilted or inverted when replacing the soap

Convenient Touch-less experience

To completely eliminate cross infection, our infra-red sensor is able to provide a hygienic and clean experience for users by avoiding unnecessary contact.

Optimal Capacity

This compact automatic dispenser not only allows for smooth dispensing, at 330ml/11oz , the need to continuous refill the dispenser is no longer a concern.

Long Lasting Battery Operated Dispenser

There is no need to worry about the durability of this dispenser as it is designed to have great battery life.

Creating a clean environment the ones you care for

Product Information

Package Dimensions4.9 x 3.4 x 7.3 inches
Item Weight12.9 ounces